Product Supply & Installation

Our Product Supply & Installation Process

Needs Assessment and Planning

This initial phase involves understanding the client’s requirements and goals for the commercial interior design project. It includes evaluating the space, determining functional needs, and establishing a budget.

Product Selection and Specification

In this step, suitable products are chosen based on the project’s design concept and budget. The designer collaborates with the client to select furniture, fixtures, finishes, and equipment that align with the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.

Sourcing and Procurement

The designer identifies reputable suppliers, manufacturers, or vendors to source the chosen products. They obtain quotes, compare pricing and quality, and finalize purchase agreements.

Delivery and Logistics

Once the products are procured, logistics and delivery arrangements are made. This step involves coordinating shipping, handling, and storage of the items. The designer ensures that the products are carefully transported and stored until installation, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

Installation and Assembly

The installation phase brings the design concept to life. Skilled professionals, such as contractors or specialized installers, handle the assembly and installation of furniture, fixtures, and other elements. The designer oversees the process, ensuring that all components are correctly placed, aligned, and functioning as intended.

Quality Assurance and Completion

The final step involves conducting a thorough inspection of the installed products to ensure they meet the expected standards of quality and functionality. Any defects or discrepancies are addressed promptly. The designer reviews the project with the client, seeking feedback and resolving any outstanding issues.

Our Product Supply & Installation Services include

Extensive Product Selection

Access to a diverse range of products suitable for commercial interior design.

Efficient Procurement and Logistics

Streamlined procurement process to source products from trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

Professional Installation Team

Highly skilled installation team with expertise in commercial interior design projects.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

Conduct thorough quality checks and inspections to ensure the products are installed correctly.

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